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Quality Miniature LaMancha Breeding Stock and Family Milkers

We started raising Dairy Goats in 1970 with standard LaManchas and Toggenburgs.

We have been breeding Miniature LaMancha Dairy Goats since 2004.  We have been life members of MDGA since 2006 and TMGR since 2007.


Miniature LaManchas combine the wonderful, comic, friendly character of the standard LaMancha with the small size, high butterfat, personable and petite nature of the Nigerian Dwarf.  Most of our mini's stand 24-26 inches tall.

The resulting animals are the best of both worlds:  the perfect family milk goat - small enough to be handled by children or older adults, large enough to give just the right amount of creamy, delicious milk for the family, with an udder size and capacity to make hand milking easy!  Most MiniManchas produce between 3 and 7 pounds of milk per day (2# = 1 quart).



Because of its high butterfat MiniMancha milk makes the BEST kefir,

cheese, ice cream (!) and soap.

Because of their small size, MiniManchas do not require the space for housing and other accommodations that standard goats do.

Because of their colors and cute tiny ears, they make wonderful pets even if you don't want to milk them!



We seldom have the ability to show our animals because of distance, availability of shows and lack of backup milkers.  It's nearly impossible to find somebody willing (and qualified) to milk 50 animals while I am away from home.  Can't imagine why.....


But you can (:-).



We are of course, CAE and CL free.  We will test any animal in our herd at the clients request as long as they pay for the cost.  None of the animals in the Creamcup herd have ever tested positive for CAE, CL, Q Fever, Brucellosis, Johne's or TB.



 **Please note: We do NOT sell milk for any purpose.

Raw milk sales and/or distribution is illegal in Nevada**

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