Animals for Sale:


We always need to reduce herd size so some milkers and doe kids are offered during the year as the season progresses.

We will be evaluating them as they wean their babies and go on the milk string during the summer.  Bred does are sometimes available in the fall.


There are probably more animals available if I think they will fit your purposes, please ASK, as we will find something that will suit.  We seldom advertise specific animals, since we try to match animals with the needs of the individuals wanting them.  So don't assume since you don't see anything listed below that nothing is available.

Contact us by email if you are interested in milkers or babies.


Please do not be offended when we ask you a few questions about what you want your goats for.


We do this to determine what animal might be the best fit for your situation.  We want our  animals to have a long and happy life in a permanent home.


We also want you to be happy with the animals that come from the Creamcup Mini's herd.  We need to know what your goals are in order to accomplish this.


Please also note that we will not sell you a single goat if you do not already own goats.  Goats need the company of other goats.  For the same reason, we do not sell goats as companion animals for horses.  We can provide you with a companion wether for a single doe for an additional $50 if necessary.


We encourage visitors by appointment, in order to clear our schedules to allow time to visit and also lock up the dogs before you get here <G>.


We only have a few young 2-3 year old open does available to select homes at this time.  

Milkers will be listed here as they become available.  Please check back or ask to be added to the waiting list.


If you would like to be on the Spring waiting list for milkers please let us know.


Please check our Breeding List for available kids.  More pics and info will be added when kids arrive and time permits.


Please feel free to contact us if something interests you.

Bucks/Bucklings available:
Does available: