An open letter to my clients and friends...........




As some of you know I was one of the first Life Members of the MDGA in 2006.  I have supported it and it's mission for the last eight years.  I served on the current owner's original Breed Standards Committee, the more recent Show Rules committee, and chaired the AI committee.  I wrote the AI rules posted on their website now.  I have participated in the V Shows since their inception.  I was appointed by the registry owner to the original Board of Directors of MDGA.   And later resigned because I would not submit to the gag order lack of transparency that went along with that position. 

As many of you know I have always advocated membership in the MDGA and I have given you my reasons for this; first and foremost that the original mission statement and assurance was that MDGA would be responsive to it's members.

There have been some recent changes to both the old mission statement and newly created By Laws that have completely changed my view on how that association is now being run and I encourage you to read them.  So.....

     * I will not serve on a Board where other board members do not want the membership to know how they voted on issues, or feel it is not necessary to poll members on issues at all, or allow members to know what they are doing or changing until after the fact.

     * I am not in agreement with the By Laws stating that any member who discusses anything that the Appointed Board Members or Owner consider "detrimental to MDGA" are under threat of revocation and loss of membership without recourse.  They call it "disciplinary action".  I call it something else.


     * I am not in agreement with a Board of Directors that can only be appointed by other members of the same board.

Since I have discussed these things publicly (and posted this letter to my website)  - I have been threatened with revocation of my Life Membership in MDGA.

While I do not intend to resign my membership there, I shall no longer be supporting that organization financially or in any other way.

For that reason, I will only register my animals with TMGR from now on.  Those of you who purchase animals from me will still have the option of registering them with MDGA if you so desire, it's a free country after all.  At least in the rest of the country.

It is probably only a matter of time before my Life Membership in MDGA is revoked. 

In the meantime,  please know that these are the reasons I will no longer show my animals in any of the MDGA V Shows, participate in any MDGA sanctioned live show, or other MDGA event.  There will doubtless be some people happy to know that this is the case....

If you have any questions about what I have said above, please free to email me directly.