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Breeding Lists -



I do things a little differently from most.


Bucklings - Bucklings from me are very hard to come by.  If I don't feel they will help improve my herd they won't be offered for sale to you.  Do NOT contact me because you are in need of a buck NOW.  I won't have any available during breeding season as they will have been sold long before then. 

Please ask if you wish to be notified of potential herd sire prospects.

I do usually have a few bucklings under evaluation that might become available at times.  Ask if you are interested.


Doelings - We will have doelings available from most of our does this year.  We also have several yearlings+ available to the right homes.  Inquire.




Prices start at $300 for correct doe kids out of first fresheners, and go up from there, based on quality of dam and generation.

$100 for wethers, unless purchased as a companion to a doe kid ($50)

Kids are dam raised on CL and CAE negative does. Most are handled daily and vaccinated upon request when they leave the farm.  I no longer routinely vaccinate for CDT.

All kids are eligible for registration with both MDGA and TMGR.  You will receive a registration application or registration certificate upon purchase.

We do not accept pre-birth deposits on kids.  Let us know if you are interested in a particular breeding and we will add you to our notification list for kids out of does you might be interested in.  If kids are available you will be contacted at their birth in the order your request was received.

At that time you will be asked for a 50% deposit on the kid of your choice.  Balance is due by 8 weeks and you have until 10 weeks to arrange delivery of the kid.  If full payment for the kid is not received by 8 weeks of age the sale is canceled and the kid will be offered for sale again and your deposit will NOT be refunded.

Purchased animals must leave the farm within 2 weeks of completion of sale unless other arrangements have been made.  After two weeks a boarding charge of $2 a day will be added to the delivery price.

Sorry if this sounds a little harsh, but you live and learn, don't you?


Delivery and shipping arrangements, costs, health certs, etc. are the responsibility of the buyer.

**Please note that shipping out of state will very likely cost at least $300**


We do prefer that you pick up at the farm so you can see all their relatives for yourself. 

And, we do reserve the right to keep kids for ourselves, of course.

Email us for more information.



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